Comments made by long-time UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva yesterday were that he would never fight his new friend Jon Jones despite a cited move to light heavyweight by training partner Big Nog. It seems the new light heavyweight champ, Jones may not share those feelings however.

“Because I look up to Anderson so much, I don’t look at myself as the guy to fight him right now,” Jones recently told “Anderson’s one of the guys right now I look at his way of being to like Bruce Lee. I would need to do some serious soul-searching to know that I’d beat Anderson Silva’s [butt]. I think I have the capabilities of doing it. But I truly admire Anderson Silva.”

Jones admits that he is not where he would like to be in his game as he believes Anderson Silva is.

“My goal is to reach a level of comfort in the Octagon where you don’t even process your thoughts,” Jones said. “You just move as your body thinks it. That’s what I’m looking for is that level of comfort, that level of cool. That’s what I’m trying to get. I think Anderson’s close to that. That’s what I want.”

The comments should not come as any surprise as Jones proved to be willing to take on any challenger, breaking the cycle of refusal to fight team-mates at Jackson’s MMA when recently when he agreed to fight ‘former friend‘ and training partner Rashad Evans in his first title defense. Is this the sign of a true fighter, willing to fight anyone? Or is Jones breaking the code of friendship bonded in the gym?

Source: ESPN