The record of Jon Fitch in the UFC is quite an impressive one (13-1 UFC), but a lack of finishes and a dominating loss to the champ Georges St-Pierre has kept the fighter from stardom. With a win over an icon like BJ Penn in the sport, will Fitch finally gain the respect from the casual fan?

“B.J. is such a dangerous opponent,” said Fitch. “He’s a legend. He’s such a huge name in this sport. For me to give him anything less than 100 percent of my full focus and attention would be greatly detrimental to me winning this fight. So I have to just focus on him, and not worry about anything that’s been said in the past, or anything that’s been promised in the past.”

“I’m extremely hard to finish and I have a huge gas tank, and historically that’s a big problem for B.J. Penn. If he doesn’t have the cardio to keep up with my pace, there’s no way he’s going to last.”

“If I went out there and tried to match BJ’s timing, or match BJ’s speed, it would never happen. And a lot of guys fall into that trap. It’s more about setting your pace and dictating the action, dictating what’s going on in the fight. That way you’re not reacting to things, you’re making the faster guy react to you. If you’re good enough you can set traps, make them react the wrong way.”

Source: Sports Illustrated