The first ever UFC lightweight champion, Jens Pulver recently suffered six straight losses in a row before bouncing back at the recent XFO:38 with a rear naked choke of Mike Lindquist in the first. Many would attribute the rapid fall off from defeating world champions like BJ Penn to now as simple aging (36). Another belief is that Pulver has become part of the cult-like online gaming community, World of Warcraft and like many others have became ‘addicted’ to hours of gameplay.

It’s been a hard time for Pulver. His gym in Idaho struggled to get off the ground and his obsession with World of Warcraft, an online multiplayer video game, became something friends described as more of an addiction than a pleasure. They would describe seeing a Pulver who looked more like a ghost than a man, pale as the fallen snow, unable to pull himself from his computer.”

Apparently he doesnt just “Play” WoW…he “PLAYS” WoW.Hes a grand marshall.For those that dont know he probably spent minimum 8 hours a day for many many months to reach that rank.

Source: BloodyElbow