Following Tito Ortiz’s claim that ex-girlfriend Jenna Jameson had relapsed on her OxyContin addiction causing her to call the police when confronted by Ortiz. Jameson fired back with her Attorney by taking a Drug Test one day after she was accused.

Jameson had the urine test administers though the American Toxicology Inc. in Las Vegas, NV. The test is used to find cocaine, weed, meth and oxycodone, which are all ingredients of OxyContin.

Now, after receiving the results of the test, Jenna is adamant in her claim saying, “I am definitely not addicted to OxyContin or any drug.”

Jenna’s attorney Ronald Richards added, “The lab tests clearly exonerate Jenna Jameson of any hint, iota, or suggestion that she ingested or was under the influence of any opiates or controlled substances.”

Richards continued, “Statements made by anyone to the contrary are completely impeached by the results from this prestigious testing facility.”

Notably, oxycontin does not stay in the system for long periods. Here is what American Toxicology reps had to say about the length of oxycontin in your system.

It all depends upon how often you take Oxycontin or Oxycodone. If you just tried for your first time, or for the first time in months, normal testing results would say your urine is clean within 2-4 days,depending upon the dosage, size, and weight of the person.