If you missed last nights episode of  TUF 11, you can catch-up here with our Tuf 11 Episode 10 recap. Quick summary: Jamie Yager faced off against Josh Bryant. Bryant landed some large blows on Yager, seemingly breaking Yager’s spirit. When the judges called it a draw after two rounds, Yager refused to continue.

Ortiz was madened by Yagers refusal to continue and circled around the room saying “pussy“, “he’s a pus“, even telling fellow team members that Yager just gave up.

Now as the episode airs months later for the first time Yager is not to happy with what he saw. Here is Yager’s response to Ortiz’s comments on the show.

Update by Tito Ortiz: @The_Chosyn_One its funny how u can talk shit on here! But u can do a signing at my booth for ufc expo. bridge burnt!