In a recent interview with, James “Lights Out” Toney, discussed his upcoming bout with Randy Couture. Always one for controversy, Toney said he’s not scared of being ‘out-wrestled’ by Couture. And the fact that Couture has held both light-heavyweight and heavyweight titles? No big deal for Toney.

“I don’t care if Randy Couture is a legend in this sport, I have had a career of knocking guys out in their back yards. Boxing is the superior science, we are the best. I am going to show that wrestling and hugging people is for women. That’s not going to happen against me. I have a lot of KO’s in my career and you will see another one on August 28th,” Toney said.

And what about Toney supposedly submitting King Mo Lowal in training practice? Lights Out says it’s  completely true. Even though he states jiu-jitsu is like ‘hugging’ and hugging apparently is for girls as well.

“Yeah its true, I worked with King Mo. He was happy to come down and spar with me. He showed me some skills and I submitted him with a rear-naked choke. But you know that jiu jitsu, all the hugging… its for girls,” says Toney.

And can he take down Brock Lesnar too? Toney says yes again, The fighter reportedly called for a fight with Lesnar, will that ever happen?

“Come on man. Lesnar is a former wrestler-actor [and he’s] now in the UFC. He runs with his head down. Yeah I want to fight him down the line. I’ll fight the lot of them – in one night if I have to!”