Following Toney’s embarrasing loss at UFC 118: Edgar vs Penn 2 this past Saturday, Toney is starting to show a little of respect for MMA. Toney though now feels that Couture should step into his world now to return the favor.

“My thing with Randy Couture is he is a legend in his sport. He seems like a good person. I don’t know him personally, but from when I met him, he seems like he’s a great dude, man. And if he is a real man, come put the gloves on. I did it his way, now come do it my way. I’m glad they got respect for me because my background speaks for me. Everybody knows that I ain’t got no bitch in me.”

Toney most likely will not get his wish though as he told the press in the post-fight press conference. “It would be stupid for me to try to go to boxing and try to bang with Toney.”