The feud between UFC fighter, Rampage Jackson and Boxing champ, James Toney continues as Toney retorts with more harsh words.

Percy Crawford: Rampage just put out a video about you and I’m sure you have a response.

James Toney: I saw the little video. It’s comical; that m*********** sound like Lady Gaga in that video. He is a joke.

If he really want to do it, all he gotta do is call me. He knows my number; he got it.

Don’t act brand new m***********. He talking about he gonna do this and do that. He went to Detroit and he barely survived; he f***with me he ain’t coming out alive. I promise you that.

He says I’m barking up the wrong tree? M***********, I will piss on your tree.

He just got to get his balls up and we can do this. It took him a month to reply to my first statement because he had to let his balls get bigger and let them fake motherfuckers he hang around gas him up. Rampage is a clown man. Sign a contract and we can do it. It ain’t nothing but a word. When you talk about challenging the heavyweight champion of the world to a fist fight, you gotta have big nuts. He got little, mini nuts. This is some real shit I do. He just signed his death threat right there. I’m telling you, I will fuck him up. What I do is real. This ain’t no game boy.

This nigga was trying to play some hard music in the background like he’s a gangsta. It sounded like some Country Western shit to me. I hang with real gangstas. To be a gangsta, you gotta have some real gangstas behind you. What he got? He got the Klu Klux Klan behind him. I’m the peoples champ and I give them what they want.

… I’m going to blast him for a week straight on YouTube. I’m going to make him look like the joke that he is.

Source: FightHype