“I think it definitely does,” Shields answered when asked if  his “American Jiu-Jitsu” holds the key to unlocking the St. Pierre riddle. “GSP is a phenomenal fighter that doesn’t have a lot of holes but I think someone with my jiu-jitsu style and wrestling background … American Jiu-Jitsu is going to make sure I’m the guy that beats him. It’s going to be a hell of a fight but I see myself catching him at some point and becoming the new champion.”

“The UFC belt is always something I’ve had my eye on. All of these other titles meant a lot to me and they were great but the title I’ve always set out to accomplish is the UFC belt. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I plan on going out there, making the most of it and getting that belt.”

“It was nice going into the UFC that they did think I was a good fighter and wanted to push me because you never really know until you’re there. When I saw the way they were pushing the Kampmann fight and the winner earned the next title shot I knew it was something they wanted to build up. Getting the title shot is awesome and coming in there and getting it after just one fight in the UFC is great. At the same time it is something I certainly think is deserved because I came in with a 14 fight win streak before signing with the UFC and it’s nice to know they are acknowledging that.”

“A lot of things were exactly what I expected because I’ve had friends here and been around the UFC for years so I’m definitely no stranger to it. I’ve known Dana for awhile and I’ve been good friends with Chuck for years so nothing surprised me except how professionally they are run and how smooth things go. Of all the shows I’ve ever fought in no one has ever been nearly as organized as the UFC.”

With the interview coming to a close the conversation turned to recent talk of a superfight between Georges St. Pierre and  Anderson Silva. Shields, who has been a middleweight champion throughout his career, has also shown interest in a fight with Silva and had a “superfight” of his own to promote.

“A Silva vs. Shields super fight sounds a lot better to me. I plan on going in there and spoiling the GSP vs. Anderson matchup and stealing the fight from him.”

Source: BloodyElbow