Former welterweight champion of Elite XC and Strikeforce promotions, Jake Shields has finally been officially added to the UFC roster. Its also been announced that Shields first opponent will be a top contender in the welterweight division, and not the middleweight division as he originally wanted. Shields fight camp, Cesar Gracie put this out shortly ago.

Jake Shields will be debuting at the 170lbs weight division in the UFC. After careful consideration and consulting with UFC representatives it was determined Jake would be finally going back to his original fighting weight.

Jakes opponent is one of the UFCs top contenders and will be announced shortly,

Also tweeted recently by UFC president Dana White.

danawhite :-D awesome

Though unspecific, the time does coincide with the time of the signing.

The only question left now is who will welcome Shields to the welterweight division?