Strikeforce promotions has allowed their middleweight champion’s contract to expire yesterday,Wednesday, June 30, verified Shields manager and Father.

The 31-yeear-old Cesar Gracie student carries an impressive 25-4-1 record with notable wins over the organizations top fighters such as Dan Henderson, Robbie Lawler, Carlos Condit, and Yushin Okami. Shields is currently on a 14 win-streak, that started back in 2005.

Prior to the release, Shields manager said he submitted the fighters asking price to the UFC on Wednesday and was awaiting an initial bids to review with Strikeforce. The bid was said to be based on Shields fighting at both welterweight and middleweight divisions. Promotions bids were undisclosed.

With every comment that comes out of the Shields Father/manager, it seems that Shields is set on the UFC.

“In the conversation we had today, we felt that Jake was leaning towards the UFC. Honestly, we were talking to them with an open mind [Strikeforce], though Jake wants to fight the best, said Shields Father.”

“Jake would like to debut as a UFC middleweight, possibly against champion Anderson Silva, as welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre will be tied up with ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality TV series and a pending bout with rival coach Josh Koscheck later this year.”

“We didn’t come to agreement with Strikeforce, but Jake’s excited to challenge himself against the likes of Anderson Silva and others in the UFC.”

Strikeforce in the meanwhile has been left with the dilemma of crowning a new middleweight champion. Strikeforce President, Scott Coker has openly suggested that they would like to have a four, eight, or even 16-man tournament to find the new middleweight champ.