Jake Ellenberger defeats the jiu-jitsu ace Carlos Eduardo Rocha via split-decision. Here is the play-by-play:

Round One
Ellenberger clips Rocha and Rocha spins on top and the two are back up. Rocha grapples back down and seemlessly transitions from side mount to north south to the opposite side control. Back to north south and back to side. Ellenberger slips to standing. Rocha The two grapple back down and Rocha almost gets the Americana as the round ends.

Round Two
Rocha throws a low leg kick that lands soft. Ellenberger gets the Muay Thai clinch and catches a knee. The two stand and Rocha throws faints that keep Ellenberger back. Ellenberger misses a flying knee. Ellenberger clips Rocha and Rocha responds with a flying knee. Ellenberger misses a big haymakers.  Rocha catches a kick, Ellenberger gets it away. Ellenberger gets the takedown. Rocha gets a close triangle setup as the round ends.

Round Three
The two touch gloves and square off. Rocha lands a knee in an exchange. Rocha starts landing inside leg kicks on the lead leg. A telegraphed spinning back kick misses for Rocha. Ellenberger lands a big left but Rocha looks un-phased. Rocha goes back to the low leg kicks. Rocha lands a head kick but is knocked down by Ellenberger. Ellenberger starts to bleed from left eye. Ellenberger spears a takedown, and quickly starts elbowing. Rocha starts to bleed from the top of the head.

Jake Ellenberger def. Carlos Eduardo Rocha via split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)

Ellenberger (24-5) now carries notable wins over Carlos Eduardo Rocha, John Howard, and Mike Pyle.