Following admittance by UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta of a desire to make the rematch of Dan Henderson vs Anderson Silva, Hendo himself has also admitted that he was offered a return to the UFC, should he cut back to 185 lbs and challenge the champion again. Unfortunately we will likely not see the Spider in the Octagon again this year, as he will reportedly undergo shoulder surgery. However, Hendo tells Clinch Gear Radio that the ‘disrespectful‘ champ doesn’t wants to taste his H-bombs that he has been landing on opponents at will lately.

“You’d have to ask Anderson Silva [why a rematch wasn’t booked for the inagural UFC on FOX event] . I don’t think it was close at all because I don’t think he wants to fight me. It was something that was talked about and I said, “Sure, no problem, I’ll do that.” I’d cut down to 185 to fight him, but nobody else. He’s [probably the guy I want to rematch most], especially because of the way he fights most of the time. He just seems disrespectful to his opponents and the fans at the same time.”