If you have been keeping up with the new season of the Ultimate Fighter, you know that Josh Koscheck has been trying everything to get under St. Pierre’s skin. His efforts seem to have no effect on the welterweight champ. Here is what the two told FightersO nly Magazine recently.


“I’m so happy that I get to fight Josh Koscheck in front of my home crowd. He was very disrespectful during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter and I didn’t say a word. Now on December 11th, I get to answer back with my fists.”

“Last time I fought in Montreal, it was so loud the Octagon was shaking. I know the crowd will be even louder for this fight.”

Josh Kosheck

“I’m excited about the fight. It’s a big rematch for me and in life you don’t get second chances that often so I plan on taking advantage of this second chance. I am training every aspect of the game and can’t wait to go fight in December and bring that belt back to the States. I will put on a show like I always do.”

Source: Fighters Only