The UFC welterweight champ, Georges St-Pierre tells Tatame magazine that he would have no advantages anywhere in a hypothetical ‘super fight‘ against UFC middleweight champ, Anderson Silva. Not even in the wrestling, even though many mma analyst have credited St-Pierre with the best in the game.

“As a MMA fan, I wanted to fight him. I believe he’s the best pound for pound fighter of the world, but like I said: no one is unbeatable, If I find a way to defeat him, I’d set the right strategy to do it”, said St. Pierre, believing he wouldn’t have any advantage in the fight, even in the wrestling part. “Anderson has no holes in his game”, he said.

Between the glaring issue of  size difference and now once again opponents in the way as St-Pierre gears up to battle Jake Shields at UFC 129, and Silva rumored by training partner, Big Nog to be fighting Yushin Okami at UFC Rio – it does not look like we will see the super fight any time soon..