After taking the victory over Paul Daley at UFC 113, Josh Koscheck now gets to take a shot at the welterweight title against current belt holder Georges St. Pierre. And although many fans weren’t impressed with the two fighters’ first bout at UFC 74, GSP assures us that this time it will be different.

“He’s a different fighter than when I fought him the first time,” St-Pierre told MMAWeekly. “The first time I had the element of surprise. I was able to take him out of his¬†comfort zone by using my wrestling skills. He didn’t know how my wrestling was. This time I don’t have this element of surprise, but I’m going to have to use another element of surprise you guys might find out in the fight.”

GSP won over Koscheck the first time with a close unanimous decision in August 2007. It was St. Pierre’s first fight back since losing to Matt Serra four months before. Many feel this loss was a turning point in St. Pierre’s career and helped him to become the skilled fighter he is today.