The still reigning champ, Georges St-Pierre (22-2) pulls off his ninth straight defense of the belt against former Strikeforce middleweight champ Jake Shields (26-5-1). GSP used his superior striking to pick apart the grappler, keeping it on the feet; stuffing take downs. Here is the live play-by-play.

Round One:
GSP starts throwing a hick kick that stumbles back Shields. Shields attempts the jab followed with a low leg kick. Shields catches a leg as GSP goes for a kick. Shields uses the leg to push him to the fence. GSP spins around and gets loose. The two in the center again, Shields tries to establish a jab with no luck. GSP throws spinning back kick and Shields moves out of the way. GSP lands a stiff left jab. Jake backs and resets. Shields gets caught again with a stiff left jab throwing him flying back. Shields catches a kick again but GSP pulls his leg away. St-Pierre starts landing the jab. GSP starts to get looser switching back and forth with his stance.
Prediction: GSP 10-9

Round Two:
Both men switch stance and then return traditional. Jake lands a clean right. GSP responds with some of his own jabs. GSP is getting the low leg kicks over and over. GSP comes over the top landing a big right that shakes Shields but GSP does not attack. Shields looks to have recovered but isĀ  almost caught again with the over hand. GSP lands the spinning back kick to the body. Shields misses with a high kick but follows with a successful kick to the body. Shields almost caught twice by a over the top right again. GSP starts shucking again and backs from Shields jabs.
Prediction: GSP 10-9

Round Three:
Jake comes forward with aggression with the left jab but unable to land on the elusive countering St-Pierre. GSP continues to come close with the over hand right. Low leg kicks come from Shields, but St-Pierre catches with an over the top right. Shields finally attempts a takedown but unable to get close as GSP circles. Shields starts throwing continue kicks but St-Pierre times it finally and counters with a jab. St-Pierre gets a big takedown off a counter as the round ends. Between rounds St-Pierre says he cannot see out of his left eye.
Prediction: GSP 10-9

Round Four:
GSP again quickly gets the takedown but lets Shields stand back up intelligently as he knows that Shields strength. GSP winds with the big over hand right and Shields is getting further from it. St-Pierre lands to the mid-setion, Shields looks unaffected. Shields gets dropped with a switch high kick to the face and Jake pops back up and attempts a takedown that fails. Shields throws a lazy high kick that shows fatigue. GSp starts to work the jab and Jake responds with the same. GSP is bloodied up now surprisingly even though he looks to get the best of most exchanges. The round ends, St-Pierre is heard again saying he cannot see out of his left eye.
Prediction: GSP 10-9

Round Five:
GSP circles less aggressive now but then explodes with a superman that clips Shields. Shields looks unaffected. Shields comes forward over and over as St-Pierre circles away. GSP looks tired looking at the clock. Shields looks keep moving forward but unable to catch the champ. Both continue to jab and circle. GSP starts to turn it up as the round ends.

Georges St-Pierre defeats Jake Shields via unanimous decision (50-45 48-47, 48-47)

St-Pierre now carries notable wins over majority of his divisions top fighters such as Jake Shields, Josh Koscheck, Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves, B.J. Penn, Jon Fitch, Matt Serra, Matt Hughes, Frank Trigg, Mayhem Miller, Karo Parisyan and Sean Sherk.