At a recent event, Georges St. Pierre spoke out about Dan Hardy’s trash talking on him. GSP said he doesn’t mind a little back and forth to build up a fight, but he hopes Hardy knows he needs more than just a big mouth to win a title.

“I don’t mind trash-talking,” GSP said. “It’s easy to do. Fighting is another thing. Maybe I’m an easy guy to trash-talk against, but I’m a hard guy to fight. Hardy is going to find that out on March 27.”

Hardy will get to see just what St. Pierre is made of at UFC 111 where they will be headlining the event in New Jersey.

Recently GSP told MMA JunkieĀ  that not only does he not mind trash talking, he rather welcomes it.

“To tell you the truth, you need guys like him, if everybody would be a nice guy, it would be pretty boring. You need guys that try to get under people’s skin. I think it’s part of the game. It’s good for promotion, too.

If everyone would be all nice guys and all say good things about each other, no animosity would be created. I think it’s good. He has more of a bad side. To tell you the truth, I like his style. Obviously it’s a different style than mine, but I like it. It’s very colorful.”

St. Pierre said he personally as a fan likes when fighters go back and forth and a little pre-bout banter.

“I think it’s a great character that Hardy brings into the UFC,” GSP said. “To tell you the truth, all of my favorite fighters to watch are not the more gentle people.

I like to watch Tito Ortiz. I like Phil Baroni. I like those guys that talk a lot of trash. Even though I’m not like that, I like to see them fight. It’s very entertaining. I like Ken Shamrock. I like those kind of fighters.”

But, St. Pierre himself is not one t0 talk smack.

People know that I’m French-speaking,” St-Pierre said. “If I start getting involved into a trash-talking war, I’m going to finish second because my English is not good, first. Also, it’s not my style. I come from a traditional martial arts background, and respect is the number one thing, so I never trash-talk anybody.

I don’t need to trash-talk to build up the fight. I can give credit to somebody. I can build up a fight by saying the truth. A lot of people underestimate Hardy, and I think it’s a fact. People don’t give him enough credit. I don’t need to insult him to build up that fight. If that’s what he thinks, he can try to insult me, but he’s just going to give me more motivation to beat him.”

“He’s going to talk. I’m going to answer. I’m not a coward. I’m not going to let myself get insulted. But I’m not going to take it personal. There is a line that I would never cross. If he crosses that line, he’s going to cross it alone. But if he talks to me, I’m going to answer back, of course. I’m not somebody that’s going to let themselves be humiliated.”