UFC welterweight champ, Georges St. Pierre once again voices his annoyance with his upcoming challenger, Josh Koscheck.   During a recent press conference between the two, St. Pierre was asked about the remarks by Koscheck, “I don’t like losing to nobody — especially a French guy.” Here is what the champ had to say:

“It’s not only insulting me, it’s insulting a lot of francophone people, said St. Pierre. A lot of these people are UFC fans who pay for their tickets so that he (Koscheck) can make money from it. What happened has just given me extra motivation to put my two knuckles into his chin. That’s a good thing, you’re under my skin, I think about you all the time, I’m more mentally prepared, more motivated.”

To retort, Koscheck had this to say about his comments, along with the way he felt he was being painted into the situation.

“I’m not racist, I’m half black, half white. I’m an entertainer and it’s funny that comedians can go out and say anything they want about the French, about whites, about blacks, and they don’t get slapped for it. But a fighter says something like that and I get slapped for it..

Will we see a different St. Pierre, come Dec. 11 in his hometown against Josh Koscheck?