Although it’s only been a mere two weeks since he won the belt from BJ Penn, Frankie Edgar says if a rematch is in the near future, he’s ready for it.

Edgar reported to Sherdog earlier this week:

“If anybody’s earned a rematch, it’s BJ,” Edgar stated. “He’s a legend at 155. I’m ready for it if that’s definitely going to happen. I’m the champion. I don’t get to pick who I fight; they tell me who I fight.”

It was a pretty close fight last Saturday night, with Edgar being the major underdog. The fight went all five rounds and were pretty hard to score, but Edgar ended up winning by unanimous decision, one that he felt was just.

“It was definitely a close fight, but I truly do feel I won,” said Edgar, “There’s going to be people that think one way and people that think the other, but all three judges felt I won.”

It was reported yesterday though by BJ’s longtime coach, Rudy Valentino, that the fighter was suffering through a bad sinus infection leading up to the fight.

A rematch between the two is being considered for either August 7th in Edgar’s hometown of New Jersey or on the 28th of August in Boston.

And although Frankie is up for the rematch, he stated he would like some more time to spend with his family at home. His wife is due in late June, so this would mean training would cut into the more important family time.

“Honestly, I’d like a little bit more time,” Edgar said of an August meeting. “My wife’s due in mid to late June. And again, I want to improve. I want be different every fight. I want to be ready. I know if I get a rematch, BJ’s going to be coming better than ever, so I want to be able to make sure that I can too, for me and the fans.”