The champ, Frankie Edgar gets to keep his lightweight belt but is not pleased to say the least. After losing a dominating first round where the fight was almost stopped numerous times, Edgar made comebacks throughout the fight winning rounds. Unfortunately it was not enough for Edgar to pull out the win.

Round One:
The two come out and Edgar looks to be a step faster. Edgar works the jab, keeping Maynard at bay. Edgar lands a low kick. Maynard lands a big punch and rocks him. Edgar is pummeled on the ground and Maynard tries to get his back and Edgar stands. Edgar is still stumbling around the cage and gets in the clinch and knocked down again! Edgar scrambles up and gets punched down again..  Edgar works back up shockingly. Edgar still wobbly circling Maynard. Edgar made it out of the round surprisingly. Caged Insider scores it 10-8 for Maynard.

Round Two
Edgar throws a kick to the midsection that  lands on Maynards arm. Edgar lands a  low leg kick. Edgar lands a left on Grey. Maynard starts to miss his shots. Edgar comes forward with two left jabs and moves back. Edgar still uses the left jab to keep Maynard back. Frankie ducks some big punches. Edgar lands two stiff jabs. Frankie Edgar with a huge slam similar to  the slam Maynard landed on Edgar in their first fight. Edgar comes forward landing a right hand on the end of a combo. Edgar lands another right to finish the round.  Caged Insider scores that round 10 – 9 for Edgar.

Round Three
Edgar comes out landing a right and Maynard’s face is starting to show the abuse. Edgar looks to be  still fresh surprisingly after being rocked so many times. Edgar lands another combination with the right landing. Gray starts tagging with a left hook. Maynard lands to the stomach and then to the face. Maynard finally shoots and is stuffed. Frankie misses with a big right. Lead hook lands for Frankie but Maynard returns with a left opening up Edgar. Maynard lands a good low kick then gets a takedown. Edgar pops up but Maynard quickly pulls him back down. Edgar locks up a guillotine from the guard but the bell rings. Caged Insider gives the round to Maynard 10-9

Round Four
Both men come out trading and Edgar changes levels and gets the takedown with a guillotine. Maynard escapes, and the two stand. Edgar gets another takedown on the wrestler. Edgar stuffs a takedown and lands a straight on the way out. Edgar misses the switch kick. Maynard misses coming in and Edgar lands a knee in a quick clinch. Edgar gets Maynard down again and Maynard pops up but not without tasting leather on the way up. Frankie still quick with the snap jab, keeping Maynard out of range. Edgar fails a slower takedown attempt.

Round Five

Both men searching for opening, Edgar lands a low kick. Edgar starts to land combination’s. Maynard attempts two shots and its stuffed. Maynard gets a short knee to the head moving back from attempted shoot. Edgar lands a combination and stuffs the takedown. Edgar fails a takedown attempt also. Edgar stuffs Maynards takedown. Edgar lands a combination again. Both men bloodied but Edgar gets a four punch combo in and ducks Maynards counter. Maynard is stuffed again for a takedown. Both men swing to end the round! Caged Insider gives Edgar the round 10-9
Here is the official Draw: 48-46, 48-46, 47-47

Edgar holds notable wins over BJ Penn (2x),  Matt Veach, Sean Sherk, Hermes Franca, Spencer Fisher, Mark Bocek, Tyson Griffin, and Jim Miller.