No more than two days after his loss to Frankie Edgar, BJ Penn said that a rematch is coming up soon, within three to f0ur months. Gray Maynard also made it known recently that he’d like a shot at Edgar as well. Edgar said if he would have to choose his next opponent, he would like it to be Maynard.

“You’d have to say so,” the 28-year-old Edgar said about fighting Maynard. “He has a win over me.”

The first time the two met in the cage was in spring of 2008, where Maynard beat Edgar with a unanimous decision of 30-27.

But Edgar says he’s definitely not surprised that Penn wants a second go-around to try and win his belt back.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” Edgar said. “He’s a very competitive person. He feels he’s the best fighter, so I’m sure he wants to prove that.”

Edgar even stated that he didn’t feel he won every round of his victory fight and knows now that he has his work cut out for him in the lightweight division. Especially since he’s small, even for his weight class.

“Do I think I won every round? It wasn’t like I definitely won every round,” Edgar said. “I guess if my team or my mom was looking at it, she might have thought I won every round. But it was close. I still feel I won the majority of the rounds.”

“I’ve definitely been getting a lot of flack – a lot of people saying I should be fighting at 145 (pounds) since Day One,” Edgar said. “It’s easy to see I am the smaller of the two guys when I fight. But as long as I’m getting the job done, I don’t see any problem with it.”

But as of this morning, neither Edgar or his manager have heard anything about a rematch with Penn. The fighter says he isn’t too worried about it, and is happy to be back home with his family where he’s enjoying his awesome victory.

“It’s finally nice to say I reached the pinnacle of what I’ve been pursuing,” Edgar said.

Updates of the rematch between Edgar and Penn as well as a match with Maynard as news comes in.