So, as most of you all probably noticed at UFC 109 last Saturday, UFC fighter Frank Trigg  seems to have gone from Mr. Clean to…uhhmmm a creepier Will Farrell? Welllll my boyfriend Joe and I (yes THEE Joe Rocha) were pondering on the conundrum as to how Trigg could have randomly just sprouted a luxurious crop of shag carpeting on his head? AND WHY?! He has been bald for well….awhile, and recently he decided that he wanted to get some not-so-natural hair plugs. One would think he could afford a better hair job, or a least an acceptable rug, but apparently not. Poor Frank…the only thing I have to say is-BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!! Embrace it Frank, you don’t look like a new man, just a younger, stranger version of yourself (has anyone seen Surrogates? I’m thinking this is what Trigg’s would look like) and frankly (pun intended) your not fooling anyone. So for your sake, and for the rest of us who are totally weirded out, shave your head please!!