Frank Mir

During an interview with a local St. Louis Radio show, Frank Mir was asked about the comparison of Boxing and MMA and which had more potential for danger. Mir I thought did a good job breaking the two down in his explanation below:

“If you like contact sports previously like boxing, football and what not, we’re just an exciting sport,” Mir said on ESPN 101 when asked why boxing fans should give MMA a shot. “It’s one on one. You have to sit and eliminate the boxing hat. We have such a higher finishing rate as far as fights that finish without decisions that we don’t have the same controversies or the same boring, drawn-out fights. I’m also a fan of boxing. My father is from Cuba so obviously boxing was big in my household. But the last couple of years, I’ve personally felt kind of disappointed when I watched boxing matches that were built up with great hype and I watch a 12-round decision where neither guy really risks anything.”

“Boxing, because of the extra padding in the gloves, it does mean you don’t get cut as much, but a cut’s not detrimental to a person’s long-term health,” Mir said. “The repeated trauma, taking shots, we don’t have a standing eight-count in our sport that I think, in boxing, Wow, you get rocked, I’m going to stand you up and then you’re going to try to continue on after eight seconds? You’ve already been dropped — doesn’t that mean you already suffered a concussion? And you’re going to keep fighting? … That’s why we have a better safety record than other combat sports.”