Frank Mir feels he may be in the wrong weight class following his second loss in the heavyweight division. He was also quoted saying that his fantasy fight would have to be against the middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

“Right now I have a couple months off, so I’ve actually been toying with the idea of maybe going down a weight class. Since I don’t have a fight for a couple months, I’ve just been watching what I eat and see how my body without trying to put size on; what my natural weight will fall now at now since I have lifted a lot lately to add size. I’m kind of curios where I think I would fall at. Because some of the guys I train with that are light heavyweight, bone structures are the same.”

“Sometimes I stand next to Forrest and I think I’m in the wrong weight class.”

When asked on a fantasy fight for himself:

“Anderson Silva, he’s the Michael Jordan of are era, so to compete against him would be a great honor.”