Sources close to Wanderlei Silva, have reported that “The Axe Murderer” is currently in the process of being sued by his former conditioning coach Rafael Alejarra, in the hopes of gaining some money. Silva spoke with Brazilian new site R7, and stated that he was completely surprised by the lawsuit and felt rather unnerved by what Alejarra was doing.

“I feel I have been betrayed. He always had the dream to come to USA. He came and I lodged him in my house because he had no place to stay in. I always said good words about him to other¬†athletes. What do I make of this? I was surprised of course,” Silva said.

Silva took Alejarra with him when he came to the US from Brazil. When Silva opened his own gym, Alejarra began having issues with other coaches and staff members, after which the two parted ways. But, Silva said he couldn’t reveal the true reason for the lawsuit, since court proceedings are still underway.

“I even don’t know whether I can comment the case publicly so I will explain the reason for the proceedings only later,” he said.

Although the two men had their differences, Silva still considered Alejarra a good friend and helper throughout a large chunk of his fighting career. He also explained that he was not upset over the money aspect of the lawsuit, but the mere implications of Alejarra’s actions.

“The worst thing is the disappointment, the problem isn’t the money. Money isn’t all in life. I felt like I was stabbed on the back. He was my personal friend and confidant.”