Jon Fitch was looking to make a big splash in his WSOF debut last month, as not only was the tough welterweight coming off a disappointing loss to Demian Maia, but his release from the UFC prompted plenty of discussion and debate. Plenty of people believed Burkman would give Fitch a run for his money, or possibly defeat him, but no one called he would choke Fitch unconscious in 41 seconds.

Fitch appeared on the most recent episode of “The MMA Hour” this week, and conceded that all the hype and attention surrounding his WSOF debut got to him on fight day.

“I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to make this debut the biggest debut I could. I was looking for something bigger,” Fitch said. “I think this company put a lot of effort into promoting me and getting me out there and I wanted to step up and represent and help take World Series to that next level. Because I knew a lot of people would be watching after everything that’s transpired over the last several months.”

The way the fight went down was also surprising, not just because it was over so quickly, but because Fitch has forged a reputation over the years for having excellent submission defence.

“I didn’t respect the choke at all,” Fitch said. “I went to lift right away. There was a moment when he sank the choke in where I made a decision. I could’ve went one way and I’d have defended the choke or I could try to pick him up and slam him and I decided to try to pick him up and slam him. I think it was much deeper than I thought.”

Fitch also relayed during the interview that he’s hoping to fight in October, and that he sees himself fighting at least 15 more times. Considering his abilities, it’s not hard to imagine.

WSOF’s next event goes down on August 10th and will feature Tyrone Spong taking on Angel DeAnda in the main event.