Official statistic providers of the UFC, Fight Metric has released its numbers for the controversial draw of Edgar vs. Maynard 2 at UFC 125. As you can see in the stat sheet above, Fight Metrics shows Edgar landingĀ  97 out of 325 strikes accurate and Maynard landing 93 out of 329 accurate. Overall Significant strikes show Edgar landing 95 to Maynards 71. Maynard stats however do show 81 head strikes landed on Edgar and 64 strikes landed on Maynard successful, meaning Maynard landed 17 more head strikes than Edgar.

In the grappling department, both men landed three take-downs in the fight, but Edgar stuffed 17 take-downs to Edgar’s 10 stuffed take-downs. In the submission area againĀ  Edgar wins with two submission attempts to Edgar’s one.

Based on above statistics, Fight Metrics gives the win to Gray Maynard with a higher offensive output and performance rating than the champion Edgar. The strikes and grappling number total are in Edgar’s favor, but perhaps Fight Metrics saw the head blows that rocked Edgar over and over in the first being the deciding factor. Is Fight Metric’s choice of Maynard correct?