Fedor Emelianenko will be fighting but not at UFC 146 like some hoped. His next fight will be in St. Petersburg, Russia. Not Monaco like had been proposed earlier. Instead it will be June 21st in his homeland of Russia. While, no opponent has been named the name Bobby Lashley has been thrown around. That fight would not perk up that much interest and can only hurt Fedor’s name at this point. If he won pundits will point out Lashley as just another overmatched opponent for Fedor, and if he losses it will add more fuel to the fire that Fedor should be retired.

Conflicting reports have come out of Zuffa headquarters about Emelianenko and wether or not he will grace the Octagon. Lorenzo Fertitta has said he would deal with Fedor’s management as long as co-promotion is off the table, and Dana White has said that he has no interest in the Russian. Obviously the die hard fans still wish to see Fedor against the top talent in the UFC, but one has to wonder if the casual fan has much interest in seeing him after failing in his last three high profile fights in America. All that can be said is Fedor has fallen far from the best Heavyweight in the world on a 27 unbeaten fighting streak.