Frankie “The Answer” Edgar (14-1-1) has avenged his only loss to Gray “The Bully” Maynard (10-1-1) via TKO, in his UFC 136 title defense. Here is the live play by play.

Ref. Josh Rosenthal

Round One:
They circle and Maynard has a much lower stance. Maynard feints a kick and its caught but he pulls it away. Edgar rushes forward and gets the back but Maynard pushes away. Maynard lands the big right and a hook. Edgar is rocked. Maynard takes his time.Edgar lands his own straight right. Maynard drops Edgar. Edgar is leaking everywhere from the nose. Maynard drops him again and follows up with a knee.
Caged Insider gives the round to Maynard 10-8

Round Two:
Edgar looks to have recovered, now composed and the same of Maynard. Edgar lands a body, head combo. Edgar lands a straight right. Mayanrd yet to land flush. Edgar attempts the takedown and stuffed. Edgar lands to the body.
Caged Insider gives the round to Edgar 10-9

Round Three
Edgar again staying on the outside striking and stepping back. Maynard unsuccesful in his strikes. Edgar counters with a right that pops the head of Maynard back. Edgar lands the stomach, head combo.
Caged Insider gives the round to Edgar 10-9

Round Four
Edgar throws the low leg with Maynard stalking. Maynard shoots and fails, but follows out with a missed uppercut. Edgar lands a combo. Edgar stuffs Maynards takedown. Gray lands a heavy counter poping the head back. Edgar now mixing in succesful low legs. Maynard fails the single leg. Right lands for Frankie. Edgar  catches Maynard with an uppercut after a failed takedown and follows up with two rights and gets the TKO of Gray Maynard facedown.

3:54 Round 4 TKO and still champion, Frankie “The Answer” Edgar

Edgar will now look to continue his lightweight reign fighting either Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez or the winner of Clay Guida vs Ben Henderson Nov. 12 on Fox.