It seems like gruesome injuries were a thing on last night’s UFC: Versus 1 event. Unfortunately for Duane “Bang” Ludwig, he was part of that crowd. Ludwig walked into his prelim bout ready for a fight but sadly for him, he wasn’t able to walk out.

In less than one minute into the fight, Ludwig’s opponent, Darren Elkins, took a shot for the takedown. He indeed landed it, but also in the process Ludwig’s left leg bent under him and twisted his ankle into an odd angle at which point it broke. Ludwig made it quite clear he was in pain, and Elkins backed off.

In the replays of the bout, it first looked like Ludwig had broken the lower point of his shin, but at a closer inspection it was thought that he instead dislocated his ankle.

Ludwig’s camp later confirmed that he indeed suffered a very bad break to his ankle. It isn’t known at this point what the full extent of his injury is, but he will be visiting a specialist today to find out how sever the break is and what steps will need to be taken. His camp member are pretty certain he will need surgery though.

Dana White commented on the situation;

“That was a tough break,” said White. “I don’t know, we’ll see what happens with him. He’s always a kid that’s been on the radar, always hanging out there and ready and willing to fight.”