Dong Hyun Kim continues his climb up the UFC welterweight division with a win over the Northern California brawler, Nate Diaz at UFC 125.

Round One:
Diaz starts taunting as he throws some wide hooks that don;t land succesfully. Kim gets the takedown with a trip. Kim attempts a kimura but Diaz quickly gets him to full guard. Kim postures up and gets to half guard. Kim hooks the leg and moves to side control then almost north south. Diaz pushes him back to guard. Kim postures again and Diaz attempts an armbar but gets rolled. Kim stacks Diaz, Diaz almost gets a kneebar but loses. In a scramble Kim gets his ankle caught in heel hook but escapes. The two stand for the horn to stop them. Very technical round. Caged gives it to Kim 10-9.

Round Two:
Kim starts by landing some inside leg kicks and and follows up with jabs. Diaz gets a shot in to the body. Diaz lands a 1, 2 combo. Nate shrugs a single leg takedown off. Kim attempts again and gets him down. Diaz attempts to posture form the bottom but unable to get anything. Diaz tries to pepper from the bottom but does not look to have power behind. Diaz kicks Kim away and stands but Kim spears him right back down. Diaz again throws punches from the bottom that causes some blood from Kims nose. The two jock for top position and Diaz slides to take Kims back but is quickly shook off.  Caged Insider has Kim taking another round 10-9.

Round Three:
Nate starts off with a good stiff jab. Kim throws a high kick and Diaz ducks it. The two try to trade and Kim drops levels and gets caught by a head and arm. Diaz throws a knee that rocks Kim but referee Lavigne stops Nate for an illegal knee as Kim’s hand was on the mat. Kim is told to continue as they are unsure of the hand being down at time of impact. The two grapple to the ground and again Kim gets the top mount. Kim works to Diaz’s back and gets both hooks in but Diaz is able to roll out. Diaz gets up and has Kim against cage, lands a head kick. Diaz starts clinching and doing some dirty boxing . Diaz lands numerous shots but its not enough to stop Kim. Caged Insider gives the round to Diaz 10-9.

Official: 29-28 unanimous decision for Dong Hyun Kim.

Kim carries a technically perfect record of 14-0-1, with a no contest against Karo Parisyan where he lost but the decision was over-turned due to Parisyan testing positive for banned painkillers post fight. Kim also suffered a draw against Hidehiko Hasegawa at Deep Impact 32 back in 2007. Kim holds notable wins in the UFC over Amir Saddollah, TJ Grant,