Well I suppose this is a rather “cowboy” thing to do, as Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone, gets involved in a backstage brawl at a recent MMA event in New Mexico. And to add to the unprofessionalism, Cerrone got down with a fighter from the main event, Marcus Sursa. The scrap resulted in a few minor bumps and bruises, but the main event had to be canceled. And what was this fight for? Something about the chick Cerrone happens to be dating now. Let me make this clear guys: there is a difference between chivalry and making an ass of yourself..and girls don’t really dig the latter.

The “Na Koa” Podcast gives details;

“UFC 155 lb fighter Donald Cerrone was involved in a backstage brawl at the Evolution Combat Sports event in Clovis New Mexico event. The brawl was apparently about a young lady now dating Donald Cerrone who used to date main event fighter of the evening Marcus Sursa. Comments were exchanged after Sursa returned from a trip to the rest room and Cerrone was over seeing the warm-ups of several Jackson MMA fighters on the card this night, some words were exchanged by the two and then a shove followed by Cerrone throwing a punch causing a laceration on the eye of Sursa, he responded with a punch cutting the lip of Cerrone. All told, Sursa was now out of the main event tonight against Buddy Roberts of Reno, NV due to the cut he suffered.”

Source: Middle Easy