MMA legend and pioneer, Don Frye talked recently about his disdain for the current UFC heavyweight division. From Couture to Brock to Cain, ‘The Predator‘ is not impressed.

Don Frye in regards to Brock Lesnar in MMA

“We have all had to watch Brock Lesnar fart around. That guy is an embarrassment.”

“God damn, you get to hand pick his opponents for him for awhile then someone who is half way decent athlete comes along and hits him once and he pisses his pants and runs. If he wasn’t in a cage he would still be running.”

“I’d never seen (UFC HW Champ Cain Velasque) fight until he fought that jackass Brock. He doesn’t impress me, you could have sent a cheerleader in there to slap Brock around he’s so afraid of getting hit.”

“The thing is now we’ve got a 240 pound world heavyweight champion so now we are going to have to suffer through another Randy Couture comeback tour. We don’t want to suffer through it again but I’ll bet one thousand dollars Randy can whoop Cain’s ass. Randy can handle anybody that’s 240 pounds.”

“He handled Brock who was 280 at the time. The thing is Randy can’t throw a punch through a wet paper bag, that’s why he didn’t hurt Brock but he can out wrestle Cain all night long.”

On his absence from the UFC Hall of Fame

“I don’t really give that any consideration. That’s none of my business and it’s not my decision. It’s in greater hands than mine lets just put it that way.”

On Todd Duffee recently breaking his Fastest UFC knockout record
First it was 8 seconds, now is 7 seconds..