The Nightmare, Diego Sanchez has just tweeted that he has returned to his original training camp with Greg Jackson MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sanchez looks to return to his roots following two losses in a row by top athletes. The first being to the former lightweight champion BJ Penn, and the second being against UK up-and-comer John Hathaway by decision. Prior to his return Sanchez was training with third degree blackbelt Saulo Ribeiro in San Diego, CA.

Sanchez will now have a full roster of top-tier lightweight, and welterweights (depending on his decided weight class) to spar with at Jackson’s. Notably Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones, Rashad Evans, Clay Guida, Keith Jardine, Shane Carwin, Melvin Guillard and many more MMA stars currently train at the gym. Will this make for a successful return of the exciting “Diego the nightmare” in the UFC.