During an interview on HDNET’s Inside MMA, UFC fighter Demian Maia speaks on his fight against Anderson Silva saying that the champion showed him two different sides.

RON KRUCK: “Guys, even though the Silva/Maia fight was almost two months ago, it’s still a very hot topic in the MMA world. I’m sure your guest has an opinion on the fight as well. Back to you in L.A.”

KENNY RICE: “All right, and first off, compliments to Demian who sat here like a true gentleman and professional that he is and listened to everybody else talk about your fight for the belt with Anderson Silva and what you could have done differently or his antics, were they over the top. How do you feel about this, now a couple of months to let it all absorb?”

DEMIAN MAIA: “OK, the first few rounds I think the fight was like you know I’m analyzing the fight. If I’m analyzing the fight, it’s like the first rounds I think I was respecting him too much, I think it was like OK if the guy catches me with a punch he’s going to be knock me out, so I respected him too much. He didn’t commit too much also but he landed some good jabs and one kick or two. So, in the end of third round I turned and I started to you know go more to fight and you know try to get the belt, but I think I could turn a little bit before my way of fight. I think he was disrespectful for not just because, you know people in the United States they don’t understand what he was talking, you know why he was talking during the fight is just… it’s OK if you do his clowning and his stuff you know because it’s his way of game but the problem is like why he’s talking you know [expletive] you know and bad things…”

KENNY RICE: “What did he say?”

DEMIAN MAIA: “He said a lot of you know bad things. I don’t want to even want to say but he was saying like bad things, I don’t know why because I never had any issue with him you know. It’s small things but never, actually we have many friends that they are big fans of him and big fans of mine, we train together, but I never you know I don’t have nothing against him but I just think you know before the fight he came to me, ‘hey, how are you doing?’ and then after you know looks like fake for me you know and Anthony (Johnson) was saying one thing, not about Anderson, but he said that you know about one guy. OK, this guy, he talks bad [expletive] on another guy but he’s himself you know, so as soon as you are yourself it’s OK but I don’t like fake people and for me he was just fake. He’s a fake humble guy, you know. He’s like, ‘ohohohohoh’. And then after he’s like… he starts talking s—. He doesn’t know or he’s bi-polar, I don’t know, he doesn’t know why he does, you know.”

Source: FightOpinion