UFC heavyweight Dave Herman was recently removed from his upcoming UFC 136 bout with Mike Russow with no details on why. Now Russow speaks out with his team promoters at Clinch Gear Radio regarding the situation.

“Basically, I failed my drug test,” Herman, told the radio show. “I went in to get in my drug test (on Sept. 15), and a week later, they called me and told me they lost my urine specimen. I had to come in and redo it. That was last week. I went back in that day. And [on Wednesday], they told me I failed.

“I said, ‘That’s impossible.'”

As Russow spoke with the Texas Athletic Commission, he learned that the story had changed to never losing the test but to being caught with both marijuana (first test) and steroids.

“Texas said they never lost it and the first one [tested positive] for drugs and the second was for steroids,” he said. “I don’t even smoke. … I haven’t even had a beer in two month.”

This is Herman’s first time failing a test in his five year MMA career. No word has come officially from the Commission at this time regarding the claims. Is Herman telling the truth, or did the Commission catch a fighter using PEDs after his pre-fight test?