Still undefeated, Ryan Bader (12-0) defeats former amateur boxer, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (19-4) by unanimous decsion (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Round One:
The two come out in the first round feeling out each other in the first minute. Bader catches a short punch and quickly pulls Lil’ Nog down and starts to tee off on Nogueira. Nogueira works his way up and starts to have a technical boxing match again. Bader gets clipped on the chin backing up, but does not go down.

Round Two:
Bader lands a low kick. The two start feeling each other out again. Nogueira lands a kick to the body. The two have a few little exchanges with neither man getting any clear lands. Bader fails two small take-down attempts. Bader gets the third takedown attempt and tries to advance but is stopped in half guard as Nogueira works back standing. Bader gets another takedown with a bully push keeping Nogueira down only another second before Nogueira hops back up.

Round Three:
The two continue to exchange, but Bader is caught accidentally by a finger in the eye. Bader continues quickly even though he is squinting. Bader gets stuffed on a take-down attempt. The two trade for a second and Bader is stuffed again and again for a takedown. Lil Nog’ finally falls to a takedown, but pops right back up.  Nogueira looks to be winning in the trades of punches. Lil Nog’ continues to land and get comfortable until Bader pulls Lil Nog’ down with 30 seconds and is held till the end of the round.

Wrestling Pac 10 champ, Bader continues to build his impressive resume with wins now over Keith Jardine, Vinny Magalhaes, and now over the tough Brazilian, Lil Nog’. Nogueira notably was thrown off a seven win-streak by Bader.