Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida started his career at an amazing 16-0. It wasn’t until the Shotokan Karate specialist won the title that his perfection was put to an end by a KO thanks to¬† Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 113 in May of 2010. Following that loss Machida would lose again in a controversial decision to Rampage Jackson at UFC 123. UFC president Dana White always a supporter of Machida (except in Rampage fight) has his own belief on the reason for back to back losses.
Via MMA Live:

“This is what I think happened; A guy goes through his entire career, he’s got this incredible elusive style, nobody can figure him out, he’s explosive, got knockout power, but then once you start making a lot of money, it starts messing with your head and you start doing things differently. I think if Machida comes out like the old Machida, I think he can beat anybody in the world.”

Is White correct in his assumptions that it was just the success getting to the humbled Brazilians head? Is a focused Lyoto Machida unbeatable?