Q. Everybody keeps pushing you for the GSP-Anderson fight. Back in the day, it seemed like you didn’t want it. Now you’re saying, if that’s what the fans want. But GSP rightly said he’d have to pack on a lot of weight and leave the division behind. Does that make you hesitant to make that fight, to know that the welterweight champion would leave that division?

Dana White: There’s a couple of different things that I think.

First and foremost, when I was saying that, I honestly believed that Anderson Silva would move up to 205 pounds. He can carry that weight. He’s had great fights at that weight.

But he’s made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to do it. Why would I tell a guy to move to 205 when he’s dominant and hasn’t lost since 2006 and never lost in the UFC?

Georges St. Pierre, listen, say what you want, the guy looks great. He continues to win. He completely dominated tonight. He looked good in the stand-up. Interesting fight. It’s an interesting fight.

Q: If Anderson Silva can cut lower than 185, would you do a catchweight fight, or would you do a title fight?

DFW: I heard him say that too. That seems insane to me. But again — who the f— am I? I’m not his trainer. You know what I mean? To think that that guy who walks around at 210, 215 can make it down to a buck 82 or a buck 80? I don’t know; it’s crazy. But maybe he can do it.

The thing is with him, as big as he is, you’ve never heard these crazy stories about him cutting tons of weight, not being able to make weight, ever.

Another thing that people don’t give Anderson Silva enough credit for — I think it just doesn’t pop into their heads because he’s dominant — this guy is no young guy. What is he, 35, 36 years old now?

Back when Couture was 35 and 36, we were like, “Holy s—, Couture is still around.” Anderson is that old and he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Q: But Dana, doesn’t another factor come into play? You’ve got quite a few middleweights that have pretty much earned a shot at Anderson or maybe even get a rematch with him. Is that something you have to consider as well?

DW: No. It’s the guy who’s wiped out an entire division. He really has. Anderson Silva, not only has he wiped out the 185 division, he also beat a couple of guys at 205.

Q: If you ever did put that fight together, do you like the catchweight idea instead of the belts being on the line between GSP and Anderson Silva, or would you want it to be a five-round, title-type fight?

DW: Dude, I don’t know. I’d really have to sit down — if Georges said he was going to go to ’85 and stay there, then it would be for the title. It would be a superfight for the 185-pound title.

Q: So after Shields, how much more does GSP have to do before he’s cleaned out the division?

DW: He could do it now. He’s cleaned out the division now. Georges St. Pierre has beat everybody. He lost to Serra, but came back and avenged it.

That’s what it’s all about to me. I don’t like guys talking about fighting each other in different weights until they’ve done what those two have done. And they’ve both done it, so it’s hard for me to say no. It’s hard for me to say the fight doesn’t make sense. When I was saying it, I was saying it when I thought he should go to 205.

Q: How do you promote a guy as a viable draw if you think he’s already cleaned out the division?

DW: I don’t know. You tell me.

Every time a guy goes in and fights, there’s always somebody there. There’s always somebody there. But this guy has knocked off all the best guys. He hasn’t lost a fight since 2006! It’s almost 2011.

There’s always going to be new guys popping up, but when do you say the division’s finally f—— clean? There’s still going to be guys there and guys who have won. It’s about time we say both these guys have earned their dues. They really have.

Source: USAToday