Here is what Dana White had to say about Frank Shamrock (9:14) trying to help legalize MMA in New York.

“Frank Shamrock is an irrelevant jacksass. He is a two faced, lying … two faced lying chump. What have you done for mixed martial arts in the last ten years? What have you done? You haven’t done anything. You’re just a liar and a guy whose trying to keep himself relevant … I dont want to work with a douche bag like that that … he is a two faced liar. He is phony.”

Dana White:
“Frank Shamrock’s an irrelevant idiot … This guy’s the biggest two faced jerkoff that I have ever met in my life … What Frank doesn’t talk about is how he flew out to my office and tried to make up and make everything alright … Hey Frank, you’re a liar and a two faced chump.”

Source: MMAFighting, FightMagazine