Chuck Liddell will never get to compete in the UFC again it seems as Dana White drops the hammer, claiming he will not allow his friend to continue a career in the UFC any longer. This following the UFC 115 in which Liddell was KO’ed by former middleweight champion Rich “Ace” Franklin.

“He’ll never fight in the UFC again,” White said. “Can Chuck Liddell still make money? Could I make money off of Chuck Liddell? Yes. I don’t want that money. I don’t want to make that kind of money. I’m not interested in that.”

“He won’t do it again,” White told ( “He cannot do it again. It will not happen again.

“The last time when were sitting down, and this guy is somebody that I care about and respect and consider a friend of mine, and he’s like, ‘Listen, I didn’t take it serious. I’m going to train for this one. I’m going to train like I’ve never trained before.’ We had that conversation, and he did. He kept his word, and he did everything like he said he would do. He looked phenomenal.

“My problem isn’t with Chuck Liddell’s getting in shape or any of that stuff. The problem is Chuck’s chin. Anybody who’s been in this sport long enough knows you used to be able to hit him in the face with a crowbar, and you couldn’t even wobble him. That’s not the case any more. It’s not worth it to me.”

Rumors have flared of Liddell wanting to continued, as many fighters and fans alike have called for a Ortiz – Liddell fight following the TUF 11 trash talk between the two.

“Chuck’s a smart guy and a reasonable guy,” White said. “I’m going to have the talk with him tonight that all the guys that have their heads shoved up his ass won’t.”

If Liddell does not agree to retire from the UFC, White says he is willing to release Liddell from his contract even though that is not what White wants.

“We’ll have that conversation,” White said. “I guess if he asked me to release him, I’d release him. That’s not what I want.”

“Everybody knows how I feel about Chuck Liddell,” White said. “Not only has he been a great friend, he’s been a great business partner, a great champion and a great representative of the UFC.

“Being one of those guys that when we all came from nothing and then everything blew up – and this guy got more fame and money and all this stuff – he really kept it together. We’ve had a couple of speed bumps, but that can happen to anybody. He’s really kept it together and been a great guy.”