Brothers Dan and Joe Lauzon have always been close in their up-rise in the sport of MMA and into the UFC. From training together to handling media to helping corner each other. Recently the two had a very public falling out, as Joe Lauzon reportedly stepped back from Dan’s training along with trainers Joe Pomfret and Steve Maze weeks before his UFC 114 fight against Efrain Escudero because of disputes in training regiment.  After losing by decision, Dan Lauzon told the Boston Herald it was for the best in retrospect.

“It was actually a little bit easier going out there without my brother. Sometimes when I have him in my corner I feel like it’s a lot of pressure. My brother puts a lot a lot of pressure on me to win and I don’t really fight that well when I’m put under a lot of pressure like that. It was the most fun I had in a fight in a long time, since my first or second fight. I was just happy to be out there…. I’m sick and tired of sitting around, feeling sorry myself and this and that. I want to get up, train hard, get motivated and live up to my potential. Right now I’m just not. I’m training but I’m not focused on the right things. I need to start living outside the gym as a fighter, and inside the gym train like a fighter.”

— Dan Lauzon tells the Boston Herald that he’s decided to accept an invitation to train with Renzo Gracie and Co., following a disappointing loss to Efrain Escudero. It seems as though the rift between him and his older brother, Joe, as well as the rest of his former camp, has motivated “The Upgrade” to try and maximize his fight potential once and for all. Will Version 3.0 be able to hack it inside the Octagon or does Lauzon just not have what it takes to put it all together?