The always Controversial Dan Hardy is at it again, in his latest comments he has responded to Marquardt and three of  American Kickboxing Academy’s (AKA) best, whom let their opinion be known that they don’t feel  Hardy is ready for a title shot. Hardy responded bluntly:

“I’ve beaten everyone the UFC has put in front of me; I’ve never turned down a fight and I am not about to now. I would have been happy having a couple more fights before getting my shot, but I was offered a spot as a late replacement against Mike Swick in a final eliminator in November, accepted, and beat him up. It’s funny Swick is now moaning that I didn’t deserve this shot. Swick should have kept his mind off me and on his last opponent, Paulo Thiago, and maybe he wouldn’t have been beaten again…. I’ve won four UFC bouts to get here, not-so-great Nate had three, none of which were against world-beaters. I am very amused Josh Koscheck is still bitching his lungs out that he deserves a title shot, not me. British fans will know Koscheck as the Fraggle-haired guy who got sparked out in one round in London a year ago, only to take his loss out on an innocent chair backstage, scoring a split decision points win over the unsuspecting piece of furniture. If you’ve forgotten that fight (and if you blinked, you’d have missed it) you’ll see something very similar in May when Paul Daley knocks him out. Koscheck says I have beaten nobodies but my latest win was over his supposed friend and teammate in Swick. How loyal. That’s why Jon Fitch isn’t improving, why Koscheck has so many one-sided losses on his record and why Swick will never fight for a title. They aren’t really a team, they don’t have each others’ best interests at heart and clearly there’s a lack of respect in that gym.”

Hardy seems to insinuate that AKA team members are purposely holding each other back. If Hardy does become the new UFC Middleweight Champ, the men he has called out will very likely be his first challengers for the belt. Is this the new Tito Ortiz of the UFC?