Farrah Emami, a spokesperson for the district attorney’s office today told MMAJunkie.com that UFC star Tito Ortiz will not have charges tried against him. Reason being, simply his case was not strong enough.

“We declined to file based on insufficient corroboration to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt,” Emami said. “It was two conflicting stories.”

This all stemming from an April 26 police call for domestic disturbance by Jameson’s Father. Ortiz was arrested that morning and hours later Jameson filed a restraining order against Ortiz.

The following day Ortiz came out with a press conference saying that Jameson had relapsed from an oxycontin addiction and was the reason for her out-lash to call the police when confronted.

In the following week the two reconciled and are now again living together in their home in Long Beach with their one-year old twins.