First we heard it from “The Phenom,” Vitor Belfort, and now former Strikeforce poster boy, Cung Le confirms that the two will face off at UFC 139, despite any official word from the UFC.

“I’ll be in San Jose for UFC 139 and I’m fighting Vitor Belfort,” Le confirmed. “I’m very excited and honored to be a part of the UFC. I want to thank Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta for the opportunity and I’m going to fight my heart out.”

Le was questioned by regarding Vitor Belfort’s comments of not knowing of Le and his accomplishments.

“What Vitor says doesn’t bother me. He can talk all he wants. We’ll take care of business on November 19th. Let him talk. I don’t like to talk so he can do all the talking. I’ll let him have that job and we will work it out in San Jose. Vitor is very dangerous, but I’m very dangerous too. We have two dangerous guys in the ring and we are going to see which one of us is more dangerous.”