The classic question is asked on today, ‘does Religion have a place in Sports‘ with UFC Fighter Rich “Ace” Franklin as the spokesperson on the topic.

Franklin known for being open with his religion in the octagon explains that he does not feel it is not a problem.

“Win or lose, I always thank God for what he’s given me,” says Franklin, an evangelical Christian. “There are times when I’ve been in fights and I felt like I was about to lose and all of a sudden things turned around on me,” he says. “My opponent lost his position. I wiggled my way out of a submission. I felt like there was a hand in it.” then quoted Author William J. Baker, insinuating that god-praising athletes have an ulterior capitalist motive.

They are selling their goodness, and their brand of faith, to a captive audience, says Baker, who describes himself as a Christian.

Are Athletes using Religion as a marketing tool to get more fans as Baker puts it? If you yourself share the same Religion of an Athlete and he announces that God helped him defeat his competitor(s), do you take offense?

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