Clay ‘The Carpenter‘ Guida (29-11) is able to stop the young former WEC lightweight champ Anthony Pettis (13-2) at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale co-main bout. Guida used his tenacious cardio to out-wrestle the smaller fighter throughout all three rounds. Here is the full play by play.

Round One:
The two coming out circling quickly and Guida comes forward first missing his combos. Pettis lands two jabs and backs. Pettis lands a high kick. Pettis attempts a second high kick and Guida counters with a takedown. Guida stacks Pettis and drops some bombs but Pettis grabs wrist control to pull guard. Pettis pushes Guida up and they are standing but Guida quickly takes the two against the cage. Guida gets Pettis down and stacked against the cage. Pettis throws a triangle but Guida quickly shakes out of it. Guida moves to half guard and slams Pettis’ face with his shoulder.
Caged Insider gives the round to Clay Guida 10-9

Round Two:
Guida comes in throwing hooks that miss. Guida lands a low kick. Both begin trading jabs and circle away. Guida shoots in and gets the takedown against the cage again. Pettis is stuck against the fence pulled down as he attempts to stand. After about 30 sec. Pettis is up but Guida keeps the pressure on him. Finally they reset in the center and Pettis stalks Guida against the cage and lands a 360 spinning back kick off the fence! Guida does not look effected and gets a takedown. Pettis attempts a triangle but Guida shrugs it off. Pettis chains two armbars as the round ends as Guida survives.
Caged Insider gives the round to Clay Guida 10-9

Round Three:
Pettis lands a counter jab, Guida stalks. Guida lands a big left and gets the takedown again. Guida gets an elbow down, and Pettis counters with a triangle attempt that Guida shakes. Guida gets to half guard and drops elbows. Pettis gets his back on the cage and attempts to work up but Guida stops him. Pettis finally rises on his third attempt. Guida goes for a throw and Pettis reverses and gets the back of Guida. Pettis attacks an arm and Guida shakes out of the and gets to side control. Guida gets in one hook on the back of Pettis as the round ends.
Caged Insider gives the round to Clay Guida 10-9

Official Decision: Clay Guida defeats Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Guida now on a four fight win-steak has now made it in the top five of his division. Guida may in fact only be one victory away from a title shot against the winner of Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard. Guida now holds notable victories over Takanori Gomi, Rafael dos Anjos, Shannon Gugerty, Nate Diaz, and now Anthony Pettis.