Earlier this week, former UFC light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell, stated that merely getting a win over Tito Ortiz is not enough for him. He’s hoping to get some more fights under his belt and earn another shot at the belt.

“I want to make another run at the title,” said Liddell. “I’m guessing it will take another couple fights, I’m going to have to beat Tito, and beat a couple more guys, and then hopefully a title shot after that.”

If these are indeed Liddell’s final days with the UFC, he wants to make one more successful run at the belt, and he won’t settle for any thing less.

“One more shot at going out on top,” Liddell said. “I can still beat anybody in the world. I’m going to try for one more shot at it.”

Dana White showed some concern earlier in the year about Liddell continuing to fight, so I’m sure Chuck’s decision to try and get the title again, isn’t sitting too well with him. But Liddell is convinced he can change White’s mind once he sees “The Iceman” in action once again.

“I think it’s a fight by fight basis. He’s happy with me, he’s seen me train, and seen me training, I think he feels good about seeing me come on the show,” said Liddell about White. “I think with the time off and how I look and how I’ve been carrying myself, I think he sees my re-dedication to getting back to fighting. How much I wanted it.”

Liddell will make his return in June and we will just have to see where that fight takes him…it will either be retirement as White hopes or another shot at the championship for Liddell’s dream of going out with a bang.