Former UFC light heavyweight champ Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell, has an important decision looming over his head; is it time to retire?

Once he was one of the most feared light heavyweight fighters  in the world, but most recently Liddell has lost five of his last six bouts, three of which were via KO. Fans and MMA bigwigs alike are asking him to retire, but it ultimately comes down to “The Iceman’s” decision. He’s finally thinking it’s about time. Liddell spoke recently about his plans for the future with the Star Tribune.

“It’s about how I feel and if I want to go back and make a run at a title and how far away that would be. And whatever I think is left in the tank,” Liddell said of a possible retirement. “I’ve been doing PR stuff for the last couple months, and I’ll finally be home for the month. I’ll probably decide sometime in September, when I have time to relax.”

Liddell was one of the UFC’s most feared and recognizable fighters for many years. He himself has defended his light heavyweight belt four times and has some of the most impressive KO’s of any MMA fighter, a total of 16. But after all that, Liddell feels that perhaps there’s not much more he can do and his career may be coming to a standstill. This is when the thought of retirement becomes appealing.

“I don’t feel like there’s anything left to prove,” he said. “I still love fighting, but there’s a lot that goes into it. Maybe it might be time. I’m just not sure yet.”

And regardless of what happens, Chuck says he is happy with what he has accomplished in his long career, and has no regrets about anything he has done.

“You know, I’ve enjoyed the ride,” said “The Iceman.” “No matter what, I’ve had a good time. I never expected it, but I’ve gotten paid a lot to do what I love. There are no complaints.”